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Property Improvements

If you wish to improve your property or change its construction, it is important that any works are of a high standard and in keeping with the look of the community.  

You are advised to discuss any work planned with the President and administrator before the work is started because the changes to your property must be agreed in a vote of the community owners (usually at our annual meeting) for approval to be given all owners must agree in a unanimous vote. Where work is not agreed by the community certificates will not be granted and it may cause problems with the town hall or when selling your house.  

Constructions that look out of place or changes the exterior appearance, colours that alter the original facade, or constructions that impact the enjoyment of your neighbours are not allowed.

It is vital that we maintain a good and high standard in our community ensuring that any constructions do not spoil it and that Larosa Manzana II remains a good place to live and own property.

These articles (from the internet) explain in general terms why permissions are needed when you carry out work and painting to your property

Specific information on constructions relating to the Horizontal Property law and community rules can be found here

IMPORTANT: Article 3 of our community rules says that If you wish to change your property's external construction or install external structures, you will first need to obtain the authorisation at the Annual meeting of all owners in the community, please complete the form below and send it to our administrator.



NOTE: For structural changes to your property you must also apply to the authorities for construction in Torrevieja Town Hall, but you must first obtain authorisation from the Annual Meeting of the community.

If you are in any doubt - Contact the President and Administrator

Property Maintenance and Renovations
The rules of our community and Spanish Horizontal Property Law Obligate that all owners must respect the original aesthetic facade of the properties in the community, this means you must not change the colour of your Property - the colours that must be used on the external facades are;

Gates and Fences - Cobalt Blue Number 542 manufactured by Titanlux

Walls - Hueso Palido Number 437 Manufactured by Monto

Note. After colour matching this paint was found to be the closest match to the original facade material used in the community.
The paint was adopted by the community as the only colour to be used on walls at the AGM dated 19 April 2019
Sold at: Pinturas Broehacolor: Poligono Casa Grande, Calle Acacio Rebagliatio Pamies, 32, 03183 Torrevieja

Cornices / Cornisas  - Abero Carmona Manufactured by Adoral

Balustades / Balaustradas - Blanco (White)

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